ZZ Raven
ZZ Raven

ZZ Raven

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aka Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Raven

Pot: 17cm
Pot in Picture:
Terra Pot 21cm (sold separately)

It’s notoriously hard to breed black plants, but this one comes close to it! New shoots are bright green, which eventually deepen to an inky, waxy black. 

Shiny and sculptural, she's another low-maintenance houseplant, which makes her a great companion for new plant parents. Position her in a warm, bright area with indirect sunlight. She can also tolerate low light for those with north-facing windows. 

Water: Give her a drink once her soil has almost completely dried out. Aim for once every 2 weeks in the summer and once a month approx in the winter. Don't be scared, nothing fazes this one!

The less light you give her, the less watering she will need. 

Height: Although slow-growing, with the right TLC she can reach up to 4ft tall.

PM tip: She's one of the best air purifying plants on the market, so great for the bedroom. Her leaves can be toxic if ingested, so keep away from curious kids and pets.