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We have an array of Fittonias in stock. Your plant will be chosen at random, however, if you would prefer a specific type, drop us a line!

Nursery pot:
Pot in photo: Elho Vibes Fold 9x9cm (sold separately)

Light: Your little vibrant fittonia prefers a bright spot. A bit of morning sun wouldn't go amiss! Too much sun will scorch her leaves. 

Water: She likes to be continuously moist, but never soggy! Best to check on her weekly and give her a drink when 50% of her soil has dried out. She's also partial to the odd squirt with the mister every now and then. 

Height: She's a classic terrarium plant. Loving warmth, moisture, and humidity. Trim her as and when you need to. 

Propagation: Propagating from leaf cuttings is straightforward as long as they’re large enough to include a few growth nodes. Roots usually take a couple of weeks to appear.

Toxicity: She's a non-toxic houseplant which means she's pet-friendly! 

For every item sold online and in-store, we plant a tree via Tree-Nation. Find out more here.