Hanging Wax Flower
Hanging Wax Flower

Hanging Wax Flower

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aka Hoya carnosa Silver Flake

Nursery Pot: 15cm
Pot in Picture: Ebbi Moss 17x17cm (sold separately)

Light: A delightfully chilled houseplant, she'll be happiest with some early morning or late afternoon direct sun. Check and clean her regularly, as dust will clog her pores and stop her from absorbing sunlight. 

The Wax plants' flowers resemble pretty balls of teeny stars; it's a sight you won't want to miss so be sure she's getting enough sunlight otherwise she might not bloom. 

Water: She has exceptional tolerance for neglect, which makes her great for new plant parents or forgetful ones! Her succulent leaves will store water, so on average, aim to water once every 10 days/2 weeks. Always check her soil with your finger before re-watering. If it's moist, hold off. 

Height: She's a fast-growing speckled trailing plant that can trail up to 1m when mature. 

Food: Feed her once a month during the spring and summer with organic plant food.  

PM tip: Don't be tempted to re-pot too soon, this girl likes to be snug. When it's time to re-pot, use fast draining and well-aerated cactus potting mix. Another useful tip for when you re-pot your plants is that you shouldn't feed them for a couple of months afterward as there will be fresh nutrients in the soil.

Toxicity: She is a non-toxic, pet-friendly houseplant.  

Propagation: Via stem cuttings.

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