Torch Aloe
Torch Aloe

Torch Aloe

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aka Aloe Arborescens

Height: 15cm
Nursery pot: 10.5cm
Pot in picture: Rimini Pot 12x11cm (sold separately)

Light: A succulent plant of African origin, this prickly fella would love a bright spot in a sunny room where he can catch some rays for an hour or two. He can produce a bright, orangey-red bloom with the right TLC. 

Water: In warmer months let 2/3rds of the soil dry before watering. You can check this by sticking your finger in his soil up to your second knuckle. In cooler months, when he's dormant, keep the soil almost dry, giving a little drink once a month or so. 

PM tip: Aim to repot every year into a pot 2-3cm bigger than its existing nursery pot. Make sure you use decent well-draining soil, adding extra grit if you need to. This guy does not like to get wet feet! Feed twice a year with succulent plant food, once in spring and then again in summer. 

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