The Lucky Bean

The Lucky Bean

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aka Castanospermum Australe Castano

Pot: 12cm
Pot in picture:
Speckled Pot 14x13cm (sold separately)

Light: This cutie is native to the coastal rainforests and beaches of Australia. His stem sprouts from a cracked chestnut and he has shiny dark green foliage. He's happiest in a bright spot but keep him out of any direct harsh midday sun.

Water: Check his soil weekly, if it's dry to the touch its time for a little drink. In winter, every 2-3 weeks should be enough. 

Height: He's a slow grower. We suggest re-potting him once a year in spring with fresh soil in a pot 1-2cm bigger than his current nursery pot. 

PM tip: Mist or wipe his leaves regularly to prevent dust build-up. If you're feeling generous you can treat him to a lukewarm shower occasionally. 

As like many houseplants, he can be mildly toxic if ingested, so keep away from nibbling kids and pets.