Sweetheart Plant
Sweetheart Plant

Sweetheart Plant

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aka Hoya Kerrii

Nursery Pot: 6cm
Pot in picture: Flame pot 6cm / Concrete pot 8cm (sold separately)

Light: This little cutie adores bright light, so find her a post where she can catch a couple of hours of morning or afternoon sun.

Water: She a succulent and needs very very little water. About once a month in winter is fine and once a fortnight in the summer. Watering her from the bottom is best. 

A good way to check whether it’s time for water is to look at the surface of her leaf.... if it's a little bit wrinkly then its time for a drink!  

Height: She wont grow bigger than she is. She was grown to stay this size.

PM tip: She needs minimal care, just keep an eye out for any dust build-up. Dust will block her pores and prevent transpiration from happening.

She's a non-toxic houseplant.