Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle
Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle

Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle

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Streptocarpus 'Pretty Turtle' Cape primrose

Nursery pot: 17cm 
Height: 30cm 
Pot in picture:  Alicante 20cm (sold separately) 

Light: We can't get enough of her fabulous turtle shell pattern! This plant likes bright, indirect light, a few hours of the morning or afternoon sun would be perfect. 

Water: Her soil should be a little moist (not soggy!) at all times, so check on her weekly. We recommend watering from the bottom, letting her drain before returning to her pot. 

Height: She will stay quite compact. Feed once a month during spring and summer with organic plant food. 

PM tip: She thrives in a humid environment so she'd be happiest in a bathroom or kitchen if you have enough natural light