Spotted Star
Spotted Star

Spotted Star

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aka Aglaonema Spotted Star

Nursery Pot: 12cm
Pot in picture:
 Shimmery Pot 14x13cm (sold separately) 

This tropical beauty has wide broad leaves mottled with dark pinks, light reds and khaki greens. She's surprisingly easy to care for, which makes her perfect for new plant parents.

Light: She’ll be fine in anything from light shade to bright light. 

She likes a drink when half of her soil has dried. She’s not that fussy and can cope with irregular watering, or short spells of drought. 

Height: Know to reach heights of 60cm when mature. Feed with organic plant food during spring and summer. 

PM tip: She's partial to the odd squirt every now and then with a fine mister. This will help to keep her leaves looking fresh! 

As like many houseplants, she can be mildly toxic if ingested, so be mindful of curious kids and pets.