Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss

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aka Tillandsia Usneoides

One of the most notable things about Spanish moss is that it’s not even a moss at all, it is in fact a bromeliad! It’s also an epiphyte, which means it lacks normal roots and instead takes in its nutrition and moisture through its foliage.

 Overall, Spanish moss is incredibly easy to deal with. Find him a spot where he can trail, with bright, indirect sunlight. 

Water: Mist him daily. And when he's fully dry (approx every 2 weeks or so), you can give him a good soak in lukewarm water. Filtered water is best, or leave your boiled tap water overnight. 

PM tip: He'll appreciate a good airflow, where he can sway in the breeze. This will help him to dry after his bath. He's also a non-toxic, pet-friendly houseplant. 

Macrame hanger sold separately