Small Corn Plant

Small Corn Plant

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aka dracaena fragrans steudneri

Nursery pot:
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 Black Pearl 14x13cm (sold separately)

The Dracaena family are native to Africa, Central America and Asia.

A hardy, low-maintenance houseplant! He's quite tolerant to most light conditions apart from direct sunlight. 

Water: Check the first inch of soil is dry before watering. He loves a good mist on his leaves every now, which will also help remove any dust build-up. HHis ideal home would be a bright bathroom, so highly likely to see you in the nude!

Height: Slow growing, but can reach heights of 1m. He'll naturally shed his lower leaves, which turn yellow and fall off as he grows.

PM tip: As with many houseplants, his leaves can be toxic if ingested, so keep away from curious kids and pets.

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