Rubber Plant Elastica

Rubber Plant Elastica

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aka Ficus Elastica

Height: 30cm
Pot in Picture: Picasso Potty 13x11.5cm (sold separately)

Light: A handsome fellow that’s an infamous easy-going houseplant. Put him in a nice brightly lit spot without any direct sunlight.

Water: Stick a finger in his soil once a week and if it comes out dry then give him a drink.  He needs a lot less water in winter than in summer. His leaves can also absorb a lot of moisture, so spraying him with a fine mister every few days will also keep him happy. 

He can grow up to 6ft tall with the right amount of TLC.

PM tip: A terrific air-purifier. Wipe down his leaves with a damp cloth every now and then to remove any dust and help him absorb more sunlight.

His leaves can be toxic if ingested, so keep away from nibbling pets, kids and hangry adults.