Rosso Peperomia

Rosso Peperomia

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aka Peperomia Caperata 

Nursery pot:
Pot in picture: Alicante Pink 9x8cm (sold separately) 

This beautiful peperomia is a flowering variety with striking red undersides.  She’ll thrive in a bright spot with indirect sunlight. If she’s not getting enough sunlight, you'll see the colour her leaves fade. 

Water: Water her thoroughly and let her soil almost dry completely between each watering. She's best watered from the bottom. 

Height: Peperomia's stay relatively compact, reaching max heights of 20-30cm, so perfect for those with smaller spaces. You can feed her once a month with organic plant food during spring and Summer. When it is time to re-pot, general houseplant potting mix should work fine. You can add a little extra perlite if you have some handy. 

PM Tip: She enjoys a humid environment. So a bright bathroom would work wonders, or give her a squirt with the mister every so often. 

She’s also a non-toxic houseplant.