Road Kill Cactus

Road Kill Cactus

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aka Opuntia Rubescens Consolea

Height: 35cm
Nursery Pot:
Pot in Picture:
Round Potty 14x13cm (sold separately)

A wonderfully whacky Opuntia - known as roadkill cactus due to his flat appearance. He's very easy-going - pop him in a warm sunny spot, then sit back and relax. You can expect beautiful yellow-orange flowers during the summer with the right TLC. 

Water: You'll need to water him once his soil has completely dried out (about every 2 weeks in summer and once a month in winter). If you ever need to re-pot him, be sure to use well-draining cactus soil. 

PM tip: He is virtually maintenance-free. He might deflate during the winter, but this is their normal response to dormancy and he should plump back up again in spring.