Rhipsalis Boliviana
Rhipsalis Boliviana

Rhipsalis Boliviana

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aka Pfeiffera Boliviana

Nursery pot: 14cm
Height: 40cm

This funky fella has a Cacti genus but has slightly different needs to a standard Cactus.

Light: He likes to be in a bright room in indirect sunlight. Or by a window which gets the morning or late afternoon sun. 

Water:  He's an epiphytic from the rainforest, so he's one of those rare cacti species that need regular watering. Little and often is key, trying to not let his soil dry out completely. Stick a finger in his soil regularly, and if it's moist, best to wait for a bit before quenching his thirst.

Always reduce your watering in winter during the dormancy period. 

Height: His stems can reach 90cm long, so he makes a perfect trailing plant. He'll also bloom in the summer with little white flowers if you're lucky.  He's also really easy to propagate - the cuttings you remove will root very easily.

PM tip: He'll enjoy a good squirt with a fine mister occasionally to remind him of home. As like many houseplants, he can be mildly toxic if ingested.