Mini Raindrop Peperomia

Mini Raindrop Peperomia

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aka Peperomia Polybotrya

Height: 15cm
Nursery Pot: 8.5cm
Pot in picture:
 Cosmic Potty 12x10cm (sold separately)

Light: Find him a home in a semi-shaded or bright spot where his heart-shaped foliage will be protected from direct sun.

Water: Stick a finger in his soil weekly, if it comes out dry its time for a drink.

Height: The coin-leaf peperomia doesn’t grow very big. With proper TLC, he can grow up to 2ft tall, both height and width.

PM tip: Clean his thick glossy leaves regularly to allow him to absorb more sunlight. 

He's a non-toxic and pet-friendly houseplant.