Rabbit-Foot Fern
Rabbit-Foot Fern

Rabbit-Foot Fern

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aka Humata Tyermannii

Nursery pot:
Pot in picture:
 Concrete Pot 14x12cm (sold separately)

Instant tropical rainforest vibes with this one. Rich green, delicate foliage explodes from little, fuzzy, silvery rhizomes that look a bit like rabbits’ feet (hence the name!)

Light: Native to Fiji, he likes a warm, humid atmosphere, but nothing too hot. He's perfect for rooms that don't get a huge amount of light - so great for that bedroom shelf or hanging basket. Avoid putting him next to radiators or draughty windows.

Water: He likes to be continuously moist, so check weekly and if the first few cm's are dry, then it’s time for a drink. He also really really loves humidity, so be sure to mist his leaves regularly.

PM tip: He's pet/child friendly. That said, he's not really the touchy-feely type, so keep him out of reach as his leaves might turn brown in protest if fondled too much.