Pygmy Pineapple

Pygmy Pineapple

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aka Ananas Mi Amigo

Height: 60cm
Nursery pot: 14cm
Pot in picture:
Autumn Potty 18x17cm (sold separately)

Light: Add a touch of much-needed tropical warmth to your gaff with this funky fella! Put him in a well-lit position in a warm room where he can catch an hour or two of sun.

Water: He’s not one to make a fuss, stick a finger in his soil once a week and if it comes out dry then its time for a drink. Yellow leaves are a typical indicator of overwatering, so keep an eye on this. In the winter, let the soil almost dry out completely between waterings. 

Height: The fruit will die eventually. Simply cut the stalk back and remove any yellow or brown leaves when this happens to help focus his energy on new growth. You'll soon see more shoots that will grow more fruit.

PM tip: The fruit are smaller, bitterer cousins of the pineapples we’re used to seeing in the supermarket. You can eat them, but we wouldn't necessarily recommend it!