Propagation Station

Propagation Station

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It's so simple to grow a bunch of new plants yourself, for FREE. This is called propagation! 

Propagating in water is the simplest way to get a cutting to root.....Place a cutting in water, wait a while, and chances are, you’ll have a new plant to add to your collection or pass on to a mate. The process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to get started (disclaimer: patience required), but once the roots appear, they grow rapidly.

Choose a warm spot near a window to set up your propagation station, such as a windowsill, side table, or countertop. You want to make sure your plant babies get lots of bright, indirect light while they’re busy growing their new roots.

Many plants go dormant in winter and actively grow in spring and summer. Therefore, propagation tends to be most successful and go more quickly during the warmer months. The same goes for repotting plants, even if you don’t plan to divide or propagate them.

The propagation station included a wooden board and 3 x glass jars. 

*Plant in photo not included.