Prickly Fella
Prickly Fella
Prickly Fella
Prickly Fella

Prickly Fella

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Height: 15cm
Nursery Pot: 12cm
Pot in Picture:
Iron Stone Grey 13x13cm

We love bloody love Cacti! We love their diversity, shape, character, flowers (on some occasions) and the ability to survive in the harshest environments. You can neglect these guys for weeks, so long as they have the right light conditions.

They will continue to surprise you with their sculpture like growth, and they can live for many years. A true green prickly companion. 

Light: Find them the sunniest spot you have, then sit back and relax.

Water: We like to water our cacti from the bottom once the soil has dried out completely. In their nursery pot, pop them in a shallow bowl of water, and let them absorb as much as they need for ten mins or so, before draining and returning to their decorative pot. Simple. 

Height: Cacti's are known to be slow growers. If you want to repot at any stage, make sure you use Cactus soil which should be well-draining. To keep them healthy, you will want to fertilize as well during Spring and Summer.