Van Egmond Potting Soil
Van Egmond Potting Soil

Van Egmond Potting Soil

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If you’ve had a plant for a year or more or you have a plant that's starting to outgrow its pot, it's probably time to think about repotting or potting-up.

Fresh soil will give your plant new nutrients and encourage stronger growth. When repotting or potting-up, it's typically best to do so in Spring or Summer when your plant is actively growing. If you're potting up, only go up a pot 2-3cm in size. 

Cactus Soil 
Potgrond cactus soil is a mix of Sphagnum peat and Irish White peat Mulch. This Irish peat is added to ensure that the substrate has good moisture permeability, allowing the roots to have plenty of oxygen. This soil can also be used for succulents.

Potting Soil
This houseplant potting mix is composed of high-end raw materials, providing the right aeration and moisture ratio for your plants’ root system. Lime and standard fertiliser have also included in the mixture.