Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm

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aka Nolina Beaucarnea

No such thing as a GHD with this one. Another super-low maintenance houseplant - put her in a bright sunny room where she can catch a few hours of sun. She's a hardy plant and copes with temperatures to -5°c.

Water: Though known as a Ponytail Palm, she isn't a part of the palm family and therefore should not be treated as one. Native to Mexico, she has closer needs to desert species, and so not a big drinker! Water well and then don't water her again until the soil has dried out completely (she stores water in her caudex!) Avoid getting the trunks wet as they're prone to root rot. 

Height: Here you have 3 small babies in a pot to create a fuller-looking plant. Ponytail palms are slow-growing and can take around 20 years to grow just 1 meter. A 350-year-old specimen has been recorded in Mexico!

Food: He doesn’t need a lot of food. Once in spring and once again in summer is enough. 

PM tip: She’s pet friendly so would be perfect for sunny living/communal areas. 

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