Ponytail Palm
Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm

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aka Beaucarnea Nolina

Height: 25cm
Nursery pot: 12cm
Pot in picture:
 Basic Potty 14x14cm (sold separately)

No such thing as a GHD with this one. Put her in a bright sunny room where she can catch a few hours of sun. 

Water: Though known as a Ponytail Palm, she isn't apart of the palm family and therefore should not be treated as one. She has closer needs to desert species, and so not a big drinker! Water well and then don't water her again until the soil has dried out completely (she stores water in her caudex!)

Height: Here you have 3 small babies in a pot to create a fuller looking plant. Ponytail palms are slow growing, and can take around 20 years to grow just 1 meter. 

PM tip: She’s pet friendly so would be perfect for sunny living/communal areas.