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aka Euphorbia pulcherrima

Pot in Picture:
Alicante Blue 20x18cm /
D'Avilla Potty 10x9cm (sold separately)

Light: An infamous festive shrub... this fella prefers a bright spot in your home (he won't do well in shade!) 

You'll want to water him when his soil has almost completely dried out. Always use lukewarm water, as roots systems can be sensitive to temperature change.

PM tip: While there’s no guarantee that your poinsettia will bloom again, we think it’s certainly worth a try! Around the middle of April or May, you'll want to trim him right back and repot in a slightly larger container with fresh, potting mix. Trim again in summer, pinching regularly to encourage bushier growth. To get him to bloom for next Christmas - you need to begin keeping him in complete darkness for about 10 hours a day for about 8 weeks starting in October. Then position in a bright sunny spot from then onwards. Let us know how you get on :)