Pink Quill

Pink Quill

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aka Tillandsia cyanea

Height: 10cm
Nursery pot:
Pot in picture:
 Marble Pot 8x7cm (sold separately)

A sweet little plant with her bright pink feather-like features! 

Light: This sculptural goddess is a member of the bromeliad family of air plants! She would love a bright spot in your home where she can catch some morning or late afternoon sun.  

Water: Mist her on regular basis, and then every so often (once a month perhaps) give her a good drench.

PM tip: The bright pink bloom won't last forever sadly, so you'll need to cut this off at the base when it's time. With the right TLC, 'p
ups' will form around the base - you can either leave them attached or remove them carefully and plant them into another pot. It can take a couple of years for them to bloom, so patience is key!