Pink Flamingo Flower
Pink Flamingo Flower

Pink Flamingo Flower

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aka Anthurium Hot Lips

Nursery Pot:
Pot in Picture: Alicante Terracotta 20cm (sold separately) 

Light: The Flamingo Flower likes a bit of attention to keep her vibrant pink flowers. She needs a good amount of light to thrive, but steer clear of too much direct sunlight. 

Water: She likes to be kept a little moist in warmer months (but not soggy!) and then ease off a little in winter. A moist environment is great for her, such as a bathroom. Alternatively, be generous with the misting. 

Height: She can grow up to 2ft indoors if given the right amount of TLC. Best to give her a bit of support when you see a lot of growth.

PM tip: She's from the tropical rainforest so the key thing to remember is that she likes warmth, humidity and to not let her soil dry out completely. Free draining soil is best, so regular potting mix with some added perlite.

Like many houseplants, she can be toxic if ingested.