Pink Dragon
Pink Dragon

Pink Dragon

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aka Alocasia Pink Dragon

Height: 45cm
Nursery pot: 17cm
Pot in Picture: Shimmery Pot 18x16cm (sold separately)

She's a rare Alocasia that we don't get in often. She has a real tropical vibe with green leaves, silver-like markings, and bright pink stems.

Like most Alocasia's, she prefers a spot with indirect sunlight. Her leaves are prone to getting sunburnt and will start to look dull if exposed to too much sun.

Water: Keep her oil evenly moist (not soggy). You should check on her weekly by sticking a finger in her soil and if it comes out dry, it's time for a drink! Moisture in the air will keep her leaves happy so be generous with regular misting or sit her on a tray of pebbles topped up with water to boost the level of moisture in the air.

Food: Feed her between April - September with organic plant food. 

PM tip:  Don't be startled in winter months for her leaves to die back - just cut them off at the base when this happens.

As like many houseplants, her leaves can be toxic if ingested.