Pickle Plant
Pickle Plant

Pickle Plant

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aka Delosperma echinatum

Nursery pot: 12cm
Height: 20cm
Pot in picture: Old Gold Pot 12x14cm (sold separately)

Light: We're a little obsessed with this one. She has chubby green leaves covered in tiny hairs. She’ll take as much sunlight as you can give her, so find her a bright windowsill. 

Water: She's a succulent, so she doesn't need watering very often. Let her soil dry fully before you give her a drink. We like to water her from the bottom and let her soak up the water she needs. 

You can mix on some plant food once in spring, and then again in the summer to keep her happy and healthy. 

PM tip: Because she's so compact and easy to care for, she'd make a great gift for infamous plant murderers or new plant parents.

She's also a non-toxic houseplant!