Philodendron Birkin
Philodendron Birkin

Philodendron Birkin

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Nursery Pot: 14cm
Pot in Picture: Shimmery Pot 16cm (sold separately)

 This rare beauty can be difficult to get hold of, so don't expect him to stick around for long. He'll be happiest in a bright spot with indirect sunlight.

Water: Stick a finger in his soil once a week, if it comes out dry then its time for a drink. Try to not let his soil dry out completely. 

Height: He'll grow to become a neat and compact plant, reaching heights of up to 50cm high when mature. Feed him fortnightly from spring to autumn with organic plant food. 

PM tip: Like most houseplants, he can be mildly toxic if ingested. Be mindful of curious kids and pets.