Peperomia Pixie

Peperomia Pixie

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Height: 15cm
Nursery Pot: 11cm 
Pot in Picture: Stone Leaf Pot (sold separately) 

Light: This cutie is a compact member of the Peperomia plant family. She's an easy-going houseplant. Pop her in a bright room away from any harsh direct sunlight, as this might scorch her leaves. A southeast window might be best where she can bask in the morning sun for 3-4 hours.

Water: Give her a drink when her soil has almost completely dried out. 

Height: She is slow-growing and tends to keep her shape well. If her stems do begin to overgrow, you can pinch or trim them off. Keep those cuttings for propagation though!

PM tip: She likes to be slightly root-bound this one, so don't be tempted to re-pot her too soon. When it's time, be sure to use well-draining soil.