Pencil cactus
Pencil cactus

Pencil cactus

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aka Euphorbia Tirucalli

Nursery pot:
Pot in Picture: Fishermans Pot 14x13cm (sold separately)

Light: Easy to see how he gets his name with his multiple pencil-like branches!  He needs plenty of sunlight to survive and thrive, such as a south-facing window. 

Water: Not a big drinker, water him well and then do not re-water until his soil has completely dried out. Increase the frequency with increased light/heat during peak summer. 

Height: They can grow up to 3ft if given the right TLC. Aim to re-pot once every 2 years year in a nursery pot 2-3cm bigger than its existing one, using cactus potting soil. A monthly feed in spring and summer will help him to grow big and strong.

PM tip: This cactus' sap is poisonous so be mindful of curious kids and pets!

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