Peat-Free Potting Soil
Peat-Free Potting Soil

Peat-Free Potting Soil

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If you’ve had a plant for a year or more or you have a plant that's starting to outgrow its pot, it's probably time to think about repotting or potting-up.

Fresh soil will give your plant new nutrients and encourage stronger growth. And we love this mix because it's peat-free, which is kinder to our environment!

When repotting or potting-up, it's typically best to do so in Spring or Summer when your plant is actively growing. If you're potting up, only go up a pot 2-3cm in size. 

Houseplant potting mix
This mix is recommended for all houseplants apart from orchids, cacti, bonsai or ericaceous plants. It contains sterilised soil, coir, composted fine bark, wood fibre, as well as a carefully balanced range of nutrients to promote healthy growth for up to two months. 

Cactus potting mix
This potting mix is a free draining compost mix specially designed for cacti and succulents. It contains coir, composted fine bark, sterilised soil, grit, sand, as well as a balanced range of nutrients to support growth.