Pearl of Nurnberg

Pearl of Nurnberg

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aka Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg

Height: 30cm
Nursery Pot: 14cm
Pot in Picture: Mackerel Potty 17x15cm (sold separately)

Light: She's a fairly resilient and easy to care for succulent, infamous for her pearlescent pink and purple tones. Pop her in a bright sunny spot, then sit back and relax.

Water: We recommend bottom watering for this goddess. Sit her in a bowl of lukewarm water and and let her soak up as much water she needs for 30 mins or so before returning her to her decorative pot. Allow her soil to dry out completely between waterings.

PM tip: Check regularly for old leaves dying off at the bottom, these can rot very quickly, which can become a haven for numerous pests. 

Like many houseplants, she can be mildly toxic if ingested so steer clear from curious pets and kids.