Orchid Cactus

Orchid Cactus

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aka Epiphyllum Red Tip

Nursery pot: 12cm
Height: 25cm
Pot in picture: Cog Potty 14x14cm (sold separately)

Light: Another easy low-maintenance plant, this cactus is known as the orchid cactus because of the orchid-like flowers it can produce when mature. When grown in a bright spot, his young growing tips have a reddish flush. Find this fella a home with bright light where he can get a catch a few rays. 

Water: Give him a drink when 2/3rds of this soil is dry, trying not to let his soil dry out completely for long periods. We like to check by sticking a finger in the soil up to your second knuckle. If it's moist, leave it be. If its dry and crumbly, then its time for a drink!

Height: He can trail up to 50cm long! Super long stems can be cut back, and new stems will grow from the cut . This will help him to look fuller. 

PM tip: In the warmer months, open a window or door occasionally so he can enjoy some fresh air

He's also a non-toxic and pet-friendly houseplant.