Nobile Orchid

Nobile Orchid

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aka Dendrobium Nobile orchid

Height: 60cm
Nursery Pot: 12cm
Pot in Picture: Rozay Pot (sold separately)

Light: Native to South-East Asia, she likes bright, indirect light. North, West or East-facing are usually best. 

Water: The easiest way is to soak her in a bowl of water once every week or two. Let her drain on the side for 10 mins or so before returning to her decorative pot. Reduce your watering in A/W. 

In A/W, reduce your watering as she'll be taking a little break.  

Food: She will enjoy this seaweed-based fertiliser once every 2 weeks during S/S. Add 6 drops to 150ml of water and spray around the stem. You can use this mix on other plants as well. 

PM tip: She enjoys high humidity, so get misting!