Neon Pothos

Neon Pothos

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aka Epipremnum Aureum Neon

Nursery Pot:
Pot in Picture: Grid Potty 13.5x12cm (sold separately)

Light: The Neon Pothos has bright green neon colour throughout her leaves and stems. It is such an easy indoor plant to look after, she gives impressive results with very little work! 

She'll manage in low light but you’ll see her grow quicker in a brighter spot.

Water: Stick a finger in her soil once a week, if it comes out dry then its time for a drink. Ease off a little in winter when she's resting. 

Height: She's a trailing plant, so looks great hanging from a shelf or macrame hanger. She’s know to grow lengths of up to 10ft, so don't be afraid to prune back. This will encourage bushier growth. 

PM tip: She's partial to the odd squirt every now and then with your mister

As like many houseplants, she can be toxic if ingested.