Moon Valley Pilea

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aka Pilea Mollis

Height: 20cm
Nursery pot: 14cm
Pot in Picture: (sold separately)

Light: Its common name, Moon Valley Pilea, is inspired by its deeply dimpled leaves – thought to look like the craters and valleys on the moon. Find him a home with bright indirect light and watch him thrive.

Water: He likes to be a little moist (not soggy) in S/S so check on him weekly. In A/W, let his soil almost dry out before rewatering. He's a big fan of humidity, so get misting! if you're a forgetful gardener, introduce a humidity tray instead.

Height: He won't grow much bigger than 30cm when mature.  Be sure to rotate his pot every once and a while for even growth. And avoid putting him near any cold or hot draughts. 

PM tip: If you start to see grey or browning of the leaves, this usually indicates sudden temperature changes or he's not getting enough light. If you start to see wilting, this could be overwatering or underwatering. 

As like many houseplants, he can be mildly toxic if ingested.