Monkey Leaf
Monkey Leaf

Monkey Leaf

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aka Monstera Adansonii

Light: Native to Central and South America, this quirky fella is harder to come by than his Cheese Plant cousin, with holes inside the leaves as opposed to splits (which arguably makes him the cheesiest of them all!) Lucky for us he has similar care needs; simply find him a home with bright, indirect sunlight where his leaves won’t get to scorched. 

Water: Stick a finger in his soil once a week, if it comes out dry then it's time for a drink. 

Height: He loves to climb, so pair him with a moss pole and watch him thrive. Alternatively, put him up high where his dazzling foliage can trail. Use organic plant food during spring and summer to help him grow big and strong. 

PM tip: A humidity lover, he'll also enjoy regular misting.

Propagation: Via stem cuttings. 

Toxicity: As like many houseplants, he can be mildly toxic for our furry friends if ingested.