Fortune Tree
Fortune Tree

Fortune Tree

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aka Pachira Aquatica

Height: 85cm
Nursery pot: 17cm
Pot in picture: Iron Stone 19x17cm (sold separately)


Light: Find this thick trunked fella a home with bright indirect sunlight.

Rotate his pot every now and then so that he grows straight.

Water: He's fairly resilient and doesn't require much care. Water thoroughly and then let this soil dry out a little between watering. Do not let him sit in water, he’ll hate you for it.

Height: His ultimate height can average around 3m. Regular pruning and pinching will keep him from growing too big. Fertilize once every other month during spring and summer with organic plant food to keep him happy and healthy. 

PM Tip: 

Under Fengshui, a properly placed Pachira Aquatica in the home or office will create positive energy/chi, bringing prosperity and good luck!!