Mitre Aloe

Mitre Aloe

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aka Aloe Mitriformis

Nursery pot:
Pot in picture: Cool Pot 10.5x10.5cm (sold separately) 

Light: He's not one to make a fuss! Pop him in a bright sunny spot, then sit back and relax.

Water: Not a big drinker, water sparingly once his soil has almost dried out completely.

Always reduce your watering in Winter. Once a month should be enough for this little fella. 

Height: This fella won't grow much bigger than 20cm, so perfect if you have limited shelf space. You should only feed him once a year in spring or swap out his soil for fresh nutrients.  

PM tip: As like many houseplants, he can be toxic if ingested, so keep him away from nibbling pets and kids!