Ming Aralia

Ming Aralia

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aka Polyscias Hawaiiana Ming Vertakt

Height: 65cm
Nursery Pot: 17cm
Pot in Photo: Baskets (sold separately)


We dig the Ming Aralia because of his resemblance to a tree (and you all know how much we love trees!) 

Light: Put him in full sun or indirect light. He's quite happy just about anywhere. Rotate his pot every once in a while for even growth.

Water: Stick a finger in his soil once a week, if it comes out dry then it's time for a drink. Ease off in winter by letting his soil almost dry out completely. 

He's also partial to the odd mist here and there. 

Height: He won't grow much bigger than 1m. Over time, he will drop his lower leaves, revealing a gnarled tree-like trunk.

He enjoys being somewhat root bound, so do not be tempted to pot-up too soon. When the time comes to re-pot, make sure you use well-drained soil to avoid him becoming waterlogged. He does not appreciate wet feet! 

PM tip: He doesn't like change. This could be a change in water, temp, light, etc. He might lose a few leaves in protest.