Mangrove Tree

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aka Ficus Melany Petite Mangrove

Pot: 21cm
Height: 70cm
Pot in Picture:  Alicante 24cm (sold separately)


Light: A shiny goddess, she's another infamous easy-going houseplant, making her ideal for beginners or those with a busy lifestyle. Put her in a nice brightly lit spot without any direct sunlight.

Water: Stick a finger in her soil once a week and if it comes out dry then its time for a drink.  She needs a lot less water in winter than in summer. Her leaves can also absorb a lot of moisture, so spraying her with a fine mister every few days will also keep him happy. 

PM tip: A terrific air-purifier. Wipe down her leaves with a damp cloth every now and then to remove any dust and help him absorb more sunlight.

Her leaves can be toxic if ingested, so keep away from nibbling pets, kids and hangry adults.