Little Hope
Little Hope

Little Hope

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aka Philodendron Hope Selloum

Height: 40cm
Nursery Pot: 15cm
Pot in Picture: Autumn Potty 18x17cm (sold separately)

Light: Philodendrons are fairly easy-going houseplants. This fella, in particular, would do well in a bright sunny room, in indirect sunlight. He will not do well in low-light / north-facing rooms. 

Water: He enjoys moist soil (not soggy!) so check on him weekly. Give him a generous watering until water runs out of the drainage holes of the pot. Make sure you don’t leave him sitting in water as he dislikes wet feet!

A good tip for most plants is to try aerating the soil before watering. We compact the soil to avoid shifting during transit, so aerating can help the soil breathe and allow moisture to be released.

Height: He can reach heights of 50cm with the right TLC. Feed with houseplant food once a month during spring and summer. 

PM tip: Infamous for being one of the best air-purifying houseplants. Be sure to remove any dust building up on his leaves by placing him under a tepid shower or putting him outside in the rain during summer.

As with many houseplants, he can be mildly toxic if ingested.