Large ZZ Plant
Large ZZ Plant

Large ZZ Plant

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aka Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Nursery pot: 30cm

Light: Shiny and sculptural, she's another low-maintenance houseplant, which makes her a great companion for new plant parents. Position her in a warm, bright area with indirect sunlight. She can also tolerate low light for those north facing. 

Light: Give her a drink once her soil has almost completely dried out. Aim for once every 2 weeks in the summer and once a month approx in the winter. Don't be scared, nothing fazes this one! 

Height: Although slow-growing, with the right TLC she can reach up to 4ft tall.

PM tip: She's one of the best air purifying plants on the market, so great for the bedroom. Her leaves can be toxic if ingested, so keep away from curious kids and pets.