Black Jewel Orchid
Black Jewel Orchid

Black Jewel Orchid

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aka Ludisia Discolor

Height: 15cm 
Nursery Pot:
Pot in picture: Alicante Teal 15x14cm (sold separately) 

We love this plant for her easy-going nature and cute blooms. 

She likes bright indirect light or partial shade. He's not a big fan of direct sun as this will scorch her leaves. 

Water: For the majority of the time, she likes slightly damp (not soggy) soil! Watch out for wet feet, she won't appreciate it!

Height: Feed once in spring and again in summer with house plant food. You'll want to re-pot once the nursery pot becomes overcrowded or if she starts to become wobbly and top-heavy. These orchids tend to spread out rather than grow tall, so avoid deep nursery pots and instead opt for a shallow and wide pot. Regular houseplant potting soil is fine for this plant. 

PM tip: Her stems are quite brittle, so be careful. However, she's easy to propagate from any accidental breakages. If you are passionate about her foliage and arent too fussed about her flowers, pinch out the flowering spikes when they start to form. This encourages more compact and bushy growth.