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aka Jasminum Polyanthum

Nursery pot: 12cm
Pot in picture: Basic Potty 14x14cm (sold separately)

A very well-known outdoor plant, but did you know that she's also happy indoors in our homes? She's a houseplant that packs a punch with her gloriously scented white flowers.

Light: Jasmine would like a spot where she can catch some direct rays. She also likes good air circulation, so by a window would be perfect or in a conservatory. 

Water: Moist but not soggy is her vibe. Give her a drink when almost half of her soil is dry. Try not to let the soil dry out completely.

Height: She can grow a little wild if you let her. She's commonly grown on a trellis or trailing. Feed her every few weeks during spring and summer for optimum health. 

Toxicity: Like many houseplants, she is considered to be mildly toxic if ingested.

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