Hurricane Cactus

Hurricane Cactus

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aka Lepismium Cruciforme

Height: 70cm
Nursery pot: 25cm

This unusual tropical cactus is not that easy to come by. He has long fleshy-stems with white fizzy thorns and can flower if given the correct TLC!

Light: He's native to Brazil where he lives in tropical forests. Place him in a bright spot where he can catch and hour or two of direct sun. He works well hanging where he can show off.

Water: He's an epiphytic jungle cactus so give him a drink when 2/3rds of his soil is dry. Less in winter, naturally. 

Height: These guys can get a little out of hand and can trail up to 1-2 meters!

PM tip: As like many houseplants, he can be mildly toxic if ingested so be mindful of curious kids and pets.