Heart Fern
Heart Fern

Heart Fern

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aka Hemionitis Arifolia

Height: 15cm
Nursery pot: 12cm
Pot in picture: Grid Potty 13.5x12cm (sold separately)

This small, but magnificent fern produces deep green, glossy, heart-shaped fronds on short fuzzy stems. She favours soft indirect light. 

Water: Mimic her natural environment by keeping her soil continuously lightly moist. She also thrives from humidity, so give her a squirt with the mister regularly.

Try not to let her soil dry out completely. 

She likes to be watered using rainwater or cooled boiled tap water if you can.  

PM tip: She’s a non-toxic houseplant, so great for any home. However, like most ferns she doesn’t like being fondled, so best kept out of reach.