Hanging Heart-Leaf

Hanging Heart-Leaf

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aka Philodendron Scandens

Nursery pot:

Light: This tropical climbing plant is native to Mexico, Brazil, and the West Indies. Her soft heart-shaped leaves are happiest in moderate shade in a bright room.

Water: Keep her soil a little bit moist during warmer months and ease off during the winter. She'd love a good misting every now and then.

Height: She's a climber, so she can transform your living room into a lush jungle in no time. If you have less room, give her a moss pole to climb around. The size of the moss pole will determine how high you want her to climb. If you have her hanging, she can typically reach 1 meter in length. 

PM tip: Like most houseplants, she can be toxic if ingested. Fun fact, Philo means ‘’loving’ in Greek, while dendron means ‘tree’. Which makes this her a ‘loving tree’.

Propagation: Cutting just above the node (where the stem extends above a leaf), and put it straight into a glass filled with water until roots appear. 

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