Mother-in-Law Cushion
Mother-in-Law Cushion

Mother-in-Law Cushion

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aka Echinocactus grusonii

Pot: 27cm 
Height: 40cm 


Light: He needs plenty of sunshine so find him the sunniest spot you have. If you're lucky, you might get a display of yellow flowers in the summer. 

Water: Give him a really good drink once a month. In winter you should reduce that even more. 

Height: Ultimate height 50-60cm. Feed once a month in spring and once again in summer with succulent plant food. 

PM tip: He's incredible spikey (we have the scars to prove it!) so be mindful of curious kids and pets. 

Fun fact: Originated from Mexico, these helpful cacti are traditionally known as an aid for lost travellers in the desert as they habitually grow tilted towards the southwest.