Furry Feather
Furry Feather

Furry Feather

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aka Calathea Rufibarba Tropistar

Nursery pot: 
Pot in picture: Concrete Potty 12x11cm (sold separately)

This plant gets its name due to the tiny hairs that cover his crinkled leaves and stems, to give him a soft, velvety feel.

Light: He'll be sure to bring a tropical flair to any room, so long as you find him a home in bright indirect light. 

Water: Moist but not soggy is his vibe! Water every 1-2 weeks approx, allowing the soil to dry out halfway down between waterings. He's also partial to regular misting. You can also pop him in a lukewarm shower from time to time for a little boost! 

Height: His ultimate height is typically 1m with the right TLC. Feed once a month during spring and summer with organic plant food to keep him strong and healthy. 

PM tip: He's an excellent air-purifier, meaning he not only produces extra oxygen but also filters harmful substances from the air.