Footstool Palm

Footstool Palm

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aka Livistona Rotundifolia

Nursery Pot:
Pot in picture:
  Shimmery Pot 24x22 (sold separately)

 This fella would love a bright spot in a sunny room. He's not a fan of the cold, so keep him away from draughts.

Water: Stick a finger in his soil once a week - if it comes out dry then its time for a drink. Humidity is the key to keeping him happy healthy, so mist regularly. 

Height: He's smaller than most palms, but can eventually reach 2m with the right TLC. 

PM tip: Wipe his leaves if dust builds up so that he can breathe properly. Old browning leaves should be trimmed off with scissors. Please don't pull them off!

The thorns on his spine are sharp, so take care when handling.

He's non-toxic and pet-friendly!